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Piel Leather
"For over 40 years, Piel Leather has remained the internationally recognized Leader in Naked Leather. Our high standards for quality and workmanship have allowed us to produce leather goods of exceptional distinction and durability. We feel that our customers deserve a product that is manufactured to the highest quality standards at a price you can afford. By remaining completely dedicated to our craft, we have survived as the leading manufacturer and distributor of naked leather products. Piel Leather specializes in providing quality leather products for all markets."

2022 Selection:

Piel Leather: 13-inch Zip Laptop Sleeve
$76.00 (€57.00)
save 15%
Piel Leather: 15-inch Zip Laptop Sleeve
$82.00 (€61.50)
save 20%
Piel Leather: 17-inch Zip Laptop Sleeve
$97.00 (€72.75)
save 30%
Piel Leather: 19-inch Multi-Pocket Wheeler
$335.00 (€251.25)
save 54%
Piel Leather: 20-inch Duffel Bag with Pockets
$196.00 (€147.00)
save 50%
Piel Leather: 20-inch Duffel Bag with Pockets
$203.00 (€152.25)
save 48%
Piel Leather: 24-inch Duffel with Pockets
$226.00 (€169.50)
save 51%
Piel Leather: Adventurer Carry-On Satchel
$235.00 (€176.25)
save 49%
Piel Leather: Backpack Sling
$119.00 (€89.25)
save 40%
Piel Leather: Belted Computer Tote
$243.00 (€182.25)
save 50%
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